Dr. Shimizu acquired his Ph.D in Medicine at the University of Tokyo. He has served as Director of the Ophthalmological Department, Musashino Red Cross Hospital and Chairman of the Ophthalmology Department, Kitasato University School of Medicine, where he is currently Professor Emeritus. He is currently Director General, Sanno Eye Center and Professor, International University of Health and Welfare.

A pioneer in the development of contemporary cataract surgery, Dr. Shimizu conducted the first ophthalmic surgery using topical anesthesia and developed the toric intraocular lens. He also introduced LASIK, ICL, and other types of refractive surgery in Japan. He is the developer of Hole ICL (ICL KS-AquaPORT) and one of the only two ICL Senior Expert Instructors in the country. Respected worldwide as an expert in cataract and refractive surgery, his ophthalmic surgery combining the two is highly regarded overseas for having enhanced and continuing to enhance the quality of life (QOL) of many patients.

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Friday, 30 July 2021

20:48 – 21:06hrs
Mastering Phakic IOLs (20:30 – 22:00hrs)
- Course Director: John CHANG, Kimiya SHIMIZU
Lens Sizing
Saturday, 31 July 2021

16:52 – 17:00hrs
CATARACT COMPLICATIONS – Management & Avoidance (16:00 - 17:25hrs)
Misalignment of Toric IOL