Prof. Michael Knorz began his clinical career as Senior Physician at the University Eye Clinic Mannheim (1988 to 1998). In 1993, Prof. Knorz introduced the LASIK procedure in Germany. He also introduced LASIK to India and performed the first LASIK there in Mumbai in 1994. At the same time, he established the first German LASIK center at the University Eye Clinic Mannheim which in 1999 was converted into the FreeVis LASIK Center Mannheim. Prof. Knorz is currently the medical director of this FreeVis LASIK Center as well as the founder and CEO of the FreeVis LASIK Group.

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Saturday, 31 July 2021

16:39 – 16:47hrs
CATARACT COMPLICATIONS – Management & Avoidance (16:00 - 17:25hrs)
- Chair: Abhay VASAVADA, CHEE Soon Phaik, Michael KNORZ
Capsular Rupture and Trifocal IOL: What to do?